How To Increase The Number of People Who Find and Read Your Product Review

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After you’ve written a product review and published it on your website one of your goals is to get people to find it, read it and then click on your link to purchase the product that you’re reviewing. In this article I’m going to tell you a way of getting more views of your product review, that is more people finding your review and more people reading it.

If more people are finding your review and more people are reading it, then of course your click through rate will increase as well as your sales.

The best decision that you can make about reviewing products is to write out a complete list of all the best features of that product, then cover all of them in your review. You will get better results by starting with all of the most popular features, that is features that people are actively searching for online. Write out the popular features first, then complete the rest of your list.

So, how do you determine what the most popular features are of a product that you

are reviewing?

First of all you should check the vendors website, or the manufacturer and check to see if they have an advertisement which they use for promoting that product. If they do, then make a list of the features that they are using in the advertisement. I always presume that if they have included those features in their advertising then they must have determined that those features are going to be popular with the consumer.

Another place to look is the sales page, one of the many components they list on a sales page are feature of the product, alongside the benefits of each feature. Make a list of those features too, note that sometimes those features are listed in the order of importance, or what has been deemed as important to the consumer.

Check other reviews of the product by using the search engines and when you find them pay special attention to any comments that have been made on those pages. Make a note of any features which are being repeatedly mentioned, what are they excited about in the product, what are they saying about the product? Ask yourself these questions as you are reading through.

Once you’ve determined what the best features are then you can begin to write your review of those features knowing that they are the most important features to the people who are going to be buying the product.

Doing this will give you a better chance of people finding your review in the search engines because you have covered what they are searching for in your review.


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