World’s MOST Terrifying type of betting plan (AVOID!)

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I’ve just finished reading the Betting Scientist’s book “How to Earn a Living From Horse Betting” and something struck me.

On page 55 he talks about the money management methods you should never use. Reading that page made me think how many people still use Loss Recovery Methods to stake their bets. This is the absolute worst way to structure your bets.

Loss recovery means increasing your bet after a loss to compensate for the loss. It’s also known as the Martingale. Martingale suggests you keep increasing your wager after each loss with the increase being sufficient enough to cover all your previous losses and make a profit, should the bet win.

There are scores of famous betting systems based around loss recovery methods. Most don’t tell you about the GUARANTEED eventual pitfall of such a system. And yes, it does hit the fan eventually. And by then people who sell such systems are long gone with your money. On page 56 of this book he explains why Martingales eventually fail.

This is a must read for all!

To learn about staking plans that actually work you need to read the Betting Scientist’s FREE book titled “How to Earn a Living From Horse Betting”. It’s the most honest and valuable advice I’ve ever come across in this industry.

On page 50 he shows you how to generate an income of $150 per day by starting a betting bank with just $187.50. And his method is SAFE and actually WORKS!

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